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To Play Well, You Need the Right Equipment

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Why Arm Sleeve Weights Are Better Than Using A Weighted Bat To Build Strength

Many baseball players use weighted bats during training exercises in an effort to increase the strength in the muscles that they use to swing. You can choose different weights of weighted bats, typically starting by swinging one that is just a little heavier than the standard bat that you use and then working toward a heavier weight over time. Another option to consider when you're looking for a training weight for baseball is to wear arm sleeves. By donning these weighted sleeves, you're making your arms, shoulders, and back work harder — resulting in added strength. Here are some reasons that are sleeve weights are better than using a weighted bat.

Your Swing Will Feel More Natural

Some players struggle with using weighted bats because a bat that is heavier than usual can feel awkward to swing. While the goal of using a weighted bat isn't necessarily to swing fast, it's often tempting to try — and this can result in challenges as you move the bat through the hitting zone. You may find that when you wear arm sleeve weights and use your normal bat for practice, your swing will feel more natural. That's because the added weight is attached to your arms, not out on your bat.

You Can Use Them More

When you use a weighted bat, it's helping you only when you swing it. You'd risk developing muscle strains if you were to overdo it during a practice, which means that this bat is only helping you to get stronger for a short amount of time. Conversely, arm sleeve weights are handy because you can use them more than you'd use a bat. By wearing these weights as much as you want — including when you're stretching, warming up, and even when you're playing catch — you're requiring your muscles to work harder and thus improving your strength.

They Take Up Less Space

As a baseball player, you have a certain amount of gear that you carry to the field for practices and games. Most players have a couple of different bats that they use in games, and when you add one or more weighted bats to the mix, the volume of the gear that you use becomes significant. Sleeve weights are ideal because of their compact size. The sleeves themselves, and the weights that slip inside of them, take up very little space — making them easy to fit even in a small compartment of your baseball bag.

For more information about weights and other baseball training aids, visit a local sporting goods store.