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To Play Well, You Need the Right Equipment

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Tips For Keeping Your Gun Away From Your Children

Do you plan on purchasing a handgun for your own security, but you are worried about having kids in the house that could access the gun? It will help to know the following tips that will ensure your gun is secure.

Use A Portable Gun Safe

One of the easiest things that you can do is purchase a portable gun safe. While you may think purchasing a heavy-duty gun safe is a good idea, a portable safe may be the best option. If you are buying a handgun for your own security, then you are going to want to have access to it at all times. The gun is not going to do you any good if it is in a different part of your home that you can't easily get to. A portable gun safe allows you to move it around the house, but still not allow others to have access to it. 

The nice thing about portable gun safes is that they are simple to open. Some of them require a fingerprint to quickly identify that you are the person opening the safe, while also having a keypad where you would enter a code. There are even portable gun safes that connect to an app on your phone and let you know if anybody even attempts to open the gun safe. 

Use A Gun Safety Lock

Another option is to use a safety lock on your handgun. These will keep the gun out in the open and visible to your children but locks the handgun so that nobody can fire it unless the lock is removed. 

You'll need to empty the chamber of the handgun to make sure that there is no ammunition in it. The lock then goes through the bottom of the gun and passes through the chamber, which looks like a zip tie that is secured with a lock. You will need a key to remove the lock since it is a very basic and cheap lock.

The downside to using this type of lock is that you cannot leave ammunition in it, and it requires a key that may not always be on you. This can make it much slower to get the gun operational if an emergency situation comes up. This may not be ideal for you if the purpose of owning a gun is for security. However, it is the most affordable solution for when you have children in the house.  

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